Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Power to say NO!!!

NO is a two letter word, probably one of the simplest in word formation  for a child, but the Fastest Escape Route from a snare which comes with attractive wrap.
We need to learn and note the right and appropriate time to Say No.
When a seeming blessing is not of God, say NO
When your freedom and Enjoyment will bring bondage or sorrow to another, say NO
When a cheap opportunity announces subsequent / ultimate “paralysis”, say NO
When an avowed enemy sets a table with toothpick, say NO
When a Red-Eye couples with white teeth, say NO
When a gift comes from a wrong owner, say NO
When you observe a swarm of flies around a jewel of gold, say NO
When the feather on your cap is coming from a neighbour’s tears, say NO
When a suspicious text appears on your cell phone, say NO
When a telephone discussion is getting too personal, say NO
When you take a subtle pledge for an illegitimate / unholy reward, say NO
When you must act what you are not, say NO
If examination success is from the wing of favour or any “arrangee”, say NO
When sex becomes the test of fruitfulness or trap to settle/confirm marriage vow, say NO
When abortion becomes the only option, even at marriage, say NO
When giving of a bribe is the only way out, say NO
When a stolen good is browsing for your custody or an article comes too cheap, say NO

The power to say NO lies within you and nobody else as nobody can make you inferior without your consent

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A New Me

Sitting here with rap music bumping off my headphone. It's what I've always done, music has always been a part of me since my early teens. From song writing to poem writing to disc jockeying and attempted sound production.

The computer came and I put music aside, my book of lyrics was abandoned with unfinished songs, unfinished dreams, I had to let go of music for computer. The reason why I studied Computer Science. Almost a graduate now and I'm getting more interested in happenings around me, political events.

I see things go wrong and have the urge to make changes, I want to see things turn around but I can't. I'm incapacitated by various limitations and all I can do now is watch with keen interest, watch as situations unfold and also learn meaningful lessons from happenings around me.

I'll be writing more about political happenings around me even though some unfolding events get to bore and annoy me, I'll tackle them as much as I can.

Welcome to my world. ..

Oluwafisayo Oyeromade Ogunjimi

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A good name or silver and gold

I was in a bus some minutes ago and as the bus approached the mazamaza brigde, a discussion started between two women.
The first woman insisted that the road expansion going on is just a flash in the pan and that it will soon be abandoned. The second woman disagreed saying that will happen only if Gov. Fashola refuses to go for a second term term as he had earlier said.
The other woman agreed and added that if he eventually refuses to run, then his successor must have to be someone who will be ready to serve the people sincerely rather than his pocket saying that Gov. Fashola has won peoples' heart with his performance so far. She was however quick to add that she does not beleive that a credible election will ever take place that it is whoever those who are in power want that'll be. The other woman agreed and the conversation ended.
In other words, both women beleived in the ability of the state government to perform but had no belief in the electoral system of the country.
Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) has made a name for himself in a short while, what have you done to leave a long lasting possible impression?