Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Power to say NO!!!

NO is a two letter word, probably one of the simplest in word formation  for a child, but the Fastest Escape Route from a snare which comes with attractive wrap.
We need to learn and note the right and appropriate time to Say No.
When a seeming blessing is not of God, say NO
When your freedom and Enjoyment will bring bondage or sorrow to another, say NO
When a cheap opportunity announces subsequent / ultimate “paralysis”, say NO
When an avowed enemy sets a table with toothpick, say NO
When a Red-Eye couples with white teeth, say NO
When a gift comes from a wrong owner, say NO
When you observe a swarm of flies around a jewel of gold, say NO
When the feather on your cap is coming from a neighbour’s tears, say NO
When a suspicious text appears on your cell phone, say NO
When a telephone discussion is getting too personal, say NO
When you take a subtle pledge for an illegitimate / unholy reward, say NO
When you must act what you are not, say NO
If examination success is from the wing of favour or any “arrangee”, say NO
When sex becomes the test of fruitfulness or trap to settle/confirm marriage vow, say NO
When abortion becomes the only option, even at marriage, say NO
When giving of a bribe is the only way out, say NO
When a stolen good is browsing for your custody or an article comes too cheap, say NO

The power to say NO lies within you and nobody else as nobody can make you inferior without your consent