Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's been a while....Register to Vote and Make your vote count

Compliments of the season to everyone (late though). It's been a tough past few weeks for me but I'm gradually getting back to normal. Hope Y'all enjoyed your holidays.

Party primaries have come and gone, some acclaimed free and fair and some accusing of imposition of candidates. The thing is we now have candidates.

As widely reported all over, voters registration started slowly but has picked up in most part of the country. For me I don't understand what the problem because for me I got registered yesterday and what I simply did was to go early enough, got my name written down and when it to my turn they were through in less than ten minutes. The only thing there is I was told to come back for the laminated printed copy.

However, in the past few days I've been having a hard time trying to convince people to why it is important to register. The truth is despite the popularity of the exercise (voters’ registration) most people still don't believe that their votes will count. These are youths who should be the most concerned about this whole electoral process, some agreed to registered but vowed to not to vote.

I implore everyone who's not registered to go and register to vote before the exercise closes in the next few days (heard it might be extended). The first step to encouraging rigging is refusing to register hereby giving chance for multiple registrations by riggers. Also after registering and you refuse to vote you also encouraging as the ballot paper printed for your use will be used to rig.

Let's all participate actively in this; whatever happens to our country lies in our hands. It belongs to us; no one will build it for us.