Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Secession is not the solution to Nigeria's problem #secession101

Controversial blogger and twitter personality Dada Oluwasegun @bosszangaruwa held a tweet meet session last night on why secession is not the solution to Nigeria’s problem as widely claimed by some people. Full compilation below.

This tweet lecture became necessary because of the situation of things in country and the orientation of some tweeps on here.
Secession means to withdraw formally from an alliance, federation, or association, as from a political union. In the Nigerian sense, the first attempt at secession first occurred during the Nigerian civil war. The igbos decided to secede to form Biafra republic due to ethnic and religious tensions among the various peoples of Nigeria.
Our problems won't, can't and will never be solved by secession! Our problem is bad leadership! Leaders that won't listen, they say the south south owns the oil, and its the wealth of Nigeria! Don't be deceived, God deposited the oil there. Nobody has a right to claim the natural resources deposited by God, it was deposited for our common wealth.
Most of our food comes from the North, other natural resources come from the south, we need one another to survive!
Politicians created this problems, they need us divided to mask their kleptomaniac tendencies. Divide and conquer always works.
Even among the Yorubas, Igbos and Hausas there is division, the Yoruba man for example. Hausa: even among the hausas, there exists Kanowa, Kaduanawa etc! Division everywhere! Ibos: the man from Rivers or Bayelsa state will hate to be referred to as an Igbo man, and it goes on and on.
We need  understanding, all our lives we have been fighting ourselves, we need to identify a common enemy. The common enemy here is not the Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba man, the common enemy is the corrupt leadership.
Imagine who the leaders will be if God forbid there is a secession? Same of same, criminals, enemies of the people. Oduduwa republic: imagine the Alao akala, fani kayode, iyiola omisore, tinubu, bode george etc, ruling d nation.
Niger Delta republic; the peter odilis, james ibori, uduagahn, alamesyisgha, etc ruling the nation. Arewa republic: imagine the abacha kids, IBB, adamu ciroma, abdusalam abubakar, Sambo etc as the image of the new nation.
What we should work towards is a new Nigeria, the #occupyNigeria movement has shown that possible. People of different ethnicity and religion working to achieve a single goal #AnewNigeria. Yes its possible.

Like a Catholic marriage, we may not be happy but we cannot contemplate a divorce. God does not make mistakes- Mathew Kukah..

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