Monday, October 28, 2013

Pastor Sam Adeyemi's questions on the proposed National Conference

I've been reading "WHY NATIONS FAIL: THE ORIGINS OF POWER, PROSPERITY AND POVERTY" by Daron Acemoglu & James A. Robinson. They surmise that in most countries the small elite group which controls political power, uses it to control the economy to benefit themselves. Most countries that have developed did so by evolving inclusive institutions and policies that make prosperity possible for all citizens. So, citizens have control over the elite that control the economy.

England changed when parliament whittled down the power of the monarchy and created policies to empower citizens to prosper. The industrial revolution followed through innovation by citizens. Dubai which runs a monarchy has transformed because the elite have a conscience.

Nigeria's government is taking steps towards organising a national conference now. This gives cause for cheer, but there are questions on my mind.

1. Do we need a national conference to build good roads, schools and hospitals etc?

2. Sadly I have seen utter wretchedness in the living conditions of Nigerians in recent times.

3. Will the Nigerian elite class have enough conscience to create a Nigeria where all citizens can equally prosper ? It doesn't matter whether they are military or civilian, or belong to different political parties.

4. Will this elite class which has frustrated previous conferences and annulled elections execute our decisions this time?

5. Does the Nigerian populace have the enlightenment and guts to whip the political class into line when the elections come?

6. Will the outcomes of this conference, if any, ever become our reality?

7. Is there a way for citizens to shift the balance of power so they have control over the politicians?

8. Or should we encourage the conference to hold and pray that God should hijack the direction somehow?

9. Do all constituent parts of Nigeria really want development to happen?

Many questions on my mind. Dear Tweeps, WHAT DO YOU THINK?

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